Live In Care Agencies In London

Live In Care Agencies In London

live in care agencies in london

When it comes to finding live in care agencies in London, it may be hard to think of where to start. Finding the right live in care for a loved one is paramount in ensuring that the needs of an elderly relative are taken care of. The right care agency will give you the peace of mind to allow you to carry on with your own life knowing that your loved one is taken care of. There are many different types of care available, depending on what you need, and what your circumstances are. KD Care can provide a variety of different care solutions. Here are some of the ways in which we can help.

Short Term Respite Care

Not everyone who needs live in care agencies in London needs to have a carer for the long term. Sometimes, short term care is all that is required. It could be that a family member is the full-time carer, but that they need a break – caring is a difficult thing to do, even if it is for a family member – and they have planned a holiday, a short weekend away, or even just a day out to themselves. If this is the case, a short term carer could be the solution.

Convalescence Care

If someone has had surgery, or is recovering from an illness, live in care agencies in London should be able to provide short term convalescence care while they recover. This is especially useful if family live a long distance away, or have to work and can’t take the required amount of time off. If the person requiring care is normally independent and healthy, and just needs time to recover, then once they have regained their health and strength, the carer can leave and they can continue to live as they did before.

Long Term Care

Long term care for the elderly or disabled at home is a popular alternative to moving them to a nursing home – it means they can stay in familiar surroundings and stick to their usual routines, with a carer there to help ensure that they eat properly, that they can get washed, that they can move about or leave the house when they want to or need to. It’s a great way to keep people happier and healthier for as long as possible.

Whatever your needs, speak with us and we will help you with a short or long term care plan. We are a specialist live in care agency covering London.

We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

Karen Catchesides