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What Carers Should Remember After Someone Suffers A Major Illness

Illness can happen to anyone, and although there are lots of reasons that can lead to a major illness, certain factors can lead to illness quickly and unexpectedly.

High blood pressure can lead to a major illness such as a stroke – without warning. When a stroke happens it can be shocking and frightening. If a major illness happens carers from care agencies Canterbury might need to be called in to help. Looking after an unwell person, particularly in the early stages of an illness, can be extremely difficult.

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Some people recover entirely after a major illness. Others become disabled long term, unable to move or function for themselves. And there are lots of stages in between. Having the right care can help a person recover sooner rather than later. Having the right level of care will also ensure a patients quality of life is maintained as much as possible.

Having care agencies Canterbury to help look after an unwell person can help both the sufferer and the carer. It is important that they get the right medication and the right diet, and exercise and stimulation. This is where a care agency providing live-in carers can be ideal; they have the experience needed to assist recovery as soon as possible.

Take A Break

If you are a carer, you must know that it is a difficult job, and you will need to take breaks every now and then to recover from the stress and exhaustion. Even if you don’t have a full time live in carer, care agencies Canterbury can help you get that much-needed rest.

The key thing to remember is not to feel guilty for getting away from it all for a little while, even if it’s just to go out to the shops, or for a walk in the countryside. It’s perhaps easier said than done, but if you can bear this in mind and hire someone specialised from care agencies Canterbury when you need them, your life – and that of your loved one – will be so much easier.

We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

Karen Catchesides