I have been asked to comment on KD Care and the level of care the company delivers to its patients. My experience is based on an old client approaching her 90th birthday for whom I have acted professionally as her accountant for some 35 years. I work together with her attorney who has looked after her legal affairs for a similar period to ensure that not only all her legal, and financial, affairs remain in good order but also the organising of her care works in a way that keeps her as comfortable and as well looked after as it is possible to achieve.

Her health has deteriorated significantly over the last 3-4 years and she is now bedridden at home with a number of debilitating health issues not least of which is very severe incontinence.

Karen Catchesides and her team of 3 expert and compassionate carers provide the most wonderful care which is now delivered on a 24/7 basis. They are ferociously organised and kind in how they look after her and they are fastidious about the way they comply with regulation but well beyond that, they create an atmosphere that is most conducive to making our client feel that she is being looked after by a loving family.

Until recently, they organised small treats for her by taking her to the shops and making sure her hair and appearance was such that she felt content and wanted. This theme still continues and because I and her attorney pay regular visits to see her, we can see all this going on and just how happy the client is. Just small touches like stroking her hair and giving her a cuddle you would see rarely in a standard care home but these all go towards making her feel secure.

So in summary I cannot praise KD Care enough and for any worried children who may be pondering on what they think is best for their aged parents then all I can say is that I find it difficult to imagine that the care of this full on nature I see here, could be bettered in any way at all.

Simon J Smith FCCA Woodfield
Pinner Hill

I first learnt about KD Care three years ago when my friend died from advanced Alzheimer’s and his daughter told me how the family could not have managed but for the caring care KD Care offered her father at the end of his life. Some months later I contacted KD Care because I urgently needed live in care for my very proud and gentle 94 year old father.

Karren, one of the owners from KD Care came to inspect my father’s home and then wanted to meet him for a chat and to find out what his needs were while getting to know him a bit. The following day she rang me and said they could help. She recommended three carers who would rotate.

We are now into our third year and my dad is a happy 97 year old and all three carers have been superb. At first obviously my father was reluctant to have strangers living in but as the months went by he came more and more to rely on them and now they have become like family to him and to me. He enjoys their company, the lovely meals they cook for him, always I notice pandering to his tastes and requirement and routine dictated by him. When needs be they are able to take him to the dentists, his GP surgery and hospital appointments. These ladies are capable, knowledgeable in looking after the elderly, reliable, diligent, caring, kind and always professional. The house is always spotless and during the height of coronavirus it was as though he lived totally securely in a little bubble. During the strictest times of lockdown I was unable to make my weekly visits but I was confident and secure in the knowledge that my father was safe, well looked after and never anxious. What a Godsend these three ladies are. I will be forever grateful and totally indebted.

The agency is run by Karen and her daughter Andree and they are always available should I have any concerns or worries and totally up to date with the minutia of my father’s life and needs. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have been with K D Care for around 8 years for the care for my Brother. I could not ask for a better agency to support me and my family. They are so easy to talk to and find the correct team to support the needs of my brother. The go above and beyond to help and support everyone involved. I could not thank them another for everything they have done for us all.

About 6 years ago now, it was imperative to find somebody I could trust and work with to take care of my mother, who has since passed away, on a 24/7 basis in her own home.

I interviewed at least half a dozen possible care companies and was getting pretty desperate that nobody sounded suitable (whatever the fees payable!), until a colleague of mine came across a care company where the owner was bi-lingual with French, which was an enormous plus as my mother was reverting to her original language by that time.

Karen and her team were absolutely superb in securing the right kind of turnaround of carers who were not only extremely efficient, but caring, kind and thoughtful and related to my late mother in a way that she was very happy having them around and looking forward to the change of the same 3 ladies, who were her constant carers.

All 3 of them were also very much “on the ball” concerning my late mother’s health and liaising with myself when they felt the GP should be called in, or if she was in obvious discomfort.

I would recommend Karen and her team highly, and have done so, to both friends and colleagues, as an absolute God-send and I wish them well in the future.

Patricia Dahan-Bouchard

We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

Karen Catchesides