About Us – KD Care Agency

Karen Catchesides
Andree Wheeler

KD Care is a family (mother and daughter) owned concern, whose aim is to run a small agency with the personal touch. All their clients are known personally by the directors and never become just a client number. It is for this reason that KD Care will occasionally refuse a client if they feel that they cannot provide an outstanding service. Unlike other agencies, KD Care feels that the quality of care is more important than the quantity!

When you or your family get in touch, one of the directors (either Andree or Karen) will ring you for an informal chat. If you wish to continue, KD Care will send you a folder containing all their information. This will include services offered, statement of purpose, sample contract, and their pricing scale. Our packages start from £775. When you feel you are ready, either Karen or Andree will visit you in your home to assess your needs. This visit can take 2/3 hours and will be at no cost to you. After approximately 10 days you will receive a detailed care plan, which can obviously be altered if necessary. KD Care is extremely flexible in all aspects. Personal assistants are CRB checked and receive continuous training from us.

When we receive your signed contract we will contact you with details of your own individual personal assistants and a proposed start date. You will have two personal assistants assigned to you who will work a shift system of 1 or 2 weeks on/off. We will try to ensure that you will have the same personal assistants all the time, as KD Care recognises that continuity of care is crucial for their clients well being. When your personal assistant arrives for their first day with you, they will be accompanied by Karen or Andree, who will introduce them to you and explain your needs. KD Care feels that this aspect is important to settle clients and personal assistants together before leaving them on their own, as this can be a very stressful time for all concerned!

You and your personal assistant will be able to contact KD Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a problem occurs, you will always speak to Karen or Andree. The same procedures will follow when your second personal assistant arrives. After this, personal assistants will make the changeover on their own, but will spend time together with you or your family to discuss the previous week. Again we stress that we believe in continuity of care and recognise that situations can change daily.

We will visit you every 10 weeks to update your individual care plan and to have a general chat with you. When you employ KD Care you are never alone. If you have a problem, it becomes ours!

We also provide respite care, sleepovers, waking nights assistance, etc.

Our services include, personal care (bathing, dressing, personal hygiene) house work, assistance with medication, shopping, cooking, animal care, specialised care (to be discussed during your assessment) and many other services that we can discuss with you when we meet you.

We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

Karen Catchesides