Our Mission – KD Care Agency

KD Care aims to provide their clients with care and support within their own homes, as they may not be able to wholly take care of themselves. The service we provide is in the client’s own home and times are flexible and agreeable upon contract. We believe that the client’s rights are paramount. We aim to provide our clients with care and support that has a positive impact on their lives.

We make sure that all clients are thoroughly assessed before we provide any care and support. Once assessments have been completed we aim to meet all the needs and requirements that the client requires. We also aim to provide flexibility to change the needs and requirements of the client when needed.

We will always co – operate with clients and other professionals so that the client will maintain their independence. We will review our aims and purposes on a regular basis to make sure that we are always meeting them.

KD Care is committed to ensure that a high quality of care is provided, to maintain it and improve where necessary. We aim to provide all personal assistants with specialist training when they need it. KD Care will ensure, wherever possible, that clients’ lives are enjoyable and their rights are respected as an individual human being.

We understand that clients have the right for their privacy to be upheld and to be free from unwelcome attention. We will always try to ensure that this happens. We understand the values of our clients and we aim to ensure a client’s dignity in every way. We also understand that the independence of our clients is very important and we try to ensure that this is maintained.

KD Care will carry out risk assessments regarding all care and capability of our clients. This includes any aids, the environment and personal risks.

KD Care’s personal assistants are selected carefully and are fully trained in all aspects regarding care. They also understand to act in a professional manner and not to exploit their position in any way. All clients have the right to have their personal dignity and privacy respected at all times. We also ensure that everyone is treated as individuals regardless of their disabilities. They have the right to have professional care which is at the highest possible standard and to respect the client’s quality of life. All clients have the right to be treated with respect, courtesy and understanding.

KD Care strives to ensure that the best person is selected for the job regardless of their sex, race and all other personal characteristics. To do this we make sure that all candidates understand the job role and requirements that need to be filled. All personal assistants at KD Care are thoroughly checked before employment and are subjected to an (CRB) enhanced criminal record bureau check, any relevant training requirements are assessed and a Pova check is also conducted.

KD Care values the options given to clients to ensure their independence in choice making. KD Care ensures that their clients also have the choice involving all aspects of daily living. We understand and respect that clients have to be fulfilled in their lives. To help clients feel this, we will strive to encourage them to attend a range of activities.

  • Older people
  • Older people with any type of disability
  • Respite care
  • Private clients
  • Direct payment clients

After all initial assessments have been conducted we will put together a personal care plan. This will have all the relevant information included in it, so that our personal assistants can provide the client with the highest possible care. It will have all the tasks that they need help with or what tasks need to be completed. This care plan will be reviewed every three months, with the clients’ consent.

KD Care enforces a strict policy on confidentiality and would not hesitate to take action of a disciplinary nature against anyone that breaches the confidentiality of any of our clients. The only time confidentiality can be breached is when the client is at risk from any forms of abuse.

KD Care welcomes any feedback on the service we provide. This feedback could be from the clients, carers or relatives. We welcome any source of feedback good or bad. Clients or their representatives are welcome to ask for further information on any matters that they may be concerned about.

All our personal assistants are required to write daily reports in the clients’ record book.

KD Care understands that when looking after clients, personal assistants may need to do shopping, pay bills or collect benefits for the clients. These tasks will be conducted in a professional manner and procedures will be followed in order to protect the misuse of money.

KD Care is fully covered by public liability and employers insurance with Ecclessiastical, Argyll Insurance Services.

We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

Karen Catchesides