Care At Home Kent

Care At Home Kent For Dementia Sufferers

Dementia is something that can affect anyone, and it’s not just limited to the elderly (although they are more likely to have the disease than younger people). Dementia is a general term for decreased brain function, and can include illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Picks disease, Lewy body, vascular dementia, and others.

Care at home Kent can be the ideal solution for those suffering with this kind of brain disease. It does require specialist care, which is why it can be extremely hard for family members to look after their loved ones if they don’t have that training. A live in carer who specialises in dementia care can be a real asset, allowing the person with the disease to stay at home. Since sudden changes such as a move can progress the disease quickly, trying to keep things as they are is in everyone’s best interests.

Someone providing care at home Kent from an agency with specialist dementia knowledge will be able to reduce the stress and anxiety that the sufferer – and those around them – will be feeling.

If the person who wishes to stay at home does have any form of dementia, it’s important to speak to your care agency about providing someone who can really provide the right kind of care – both in terms of personal care and, if required, medical care. Creating a care plan is often the best way to ensure that this will happen, and it’s something that all good care agencies will be able to help you with.

We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

Karen Catchesides