Live In Care UK

Live In Care UK

Finding quality live in care, UK can be challenging, especially when you want to ensure that your loved one will get the best care and support whilst retaining their independence by living at home. To help you on your quest to find the best care, we have put together some of the key things you should look for when speaking to potential live in care providers.

Look for A Family-Run Service Rather Than a Chain

While big brand care provider chains may look appealing, many people find that they lack the personal touch when it comes to the care they provide. People sometimes feel like they are treated more like a patient, or like they are living in a residential care facility instead of their own home. When you choose a family-run provider, you will find that the care provided is more individual and tailored to the persons physical and emotional needs. A family run provider will take time to get to know your loved one and ensure they can provide the care they require.

Make Sure They Hold the Right Qualifications 

Many families forget to check out whether a care provider has the right qualifications to support a person living in their own home. This can result in a person not receiving the right kind of care their need to remain in their own home. Finding a care provider that has live in staff who hold the NVQ 3 in social care and the equivalent in advice and guidance will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your family member will be treated with the dignity and support they need.

It is also wise to choose a care provider that is committed to the ongoing development of their team so that the staff available to provide your live in care feel fulfilled and have the right skills to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Look for Happy Staff

Another simple yet effective indicator that a care provider is a good fit is whether the staff are happy and friendly. This can be difficult to judge as you probably won’t see many members of staff while when discussing your loved ones needs. However, you can ask to speak with members of staff, other clients or arrange to have trial period to ensure the staff are happy in their work. Happy, looked after staff are more likely to provide genuine care for your loved one.

Call KD Care

Here at KD Care, we provide some of the best and most exclusive live in care. UK clients in and around Kent and Surrey can benefit from our happy, qualified and dedicated care staff to provide expert, friendly live in care.

All our clients are treated as individuals and will have a live in carer who they comfortable with and who will provide effective care whilst not impacting on the person’s independence. If you want a care solution designed to offer a personal service that puts the individual’s needs first, we are a great choice. Call us today and let’s talk about what care your loved one needs and how we can provide it for them – we can’t wait to get to know you.


We care for you as we would and have done, for our own family.

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